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Let Us Cater Your Next Event!

If you love our many delicious meals, get our catering services for your party or event.

Our staff is trained to provide excellent service while delivering our mouthwatering food for your guests to enjoy.

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Catering Menu


6 wraps w/ 5oz toom 70

12 wraps w/ 8oz toom 130

wrapped in thin pita bread- no gluten-free bread options served in a tray or bag

beef, toom, mint gremolata lettuce, tomato, onion

veggie (v)
lentils, lebanese salad, crispy onion

seven spice chicken
hummus, lettuce, 
tomato, onion

yogurt chicken
toom, mint gremolata, 
lettuce, tomato, onion


comes with bread | half-12 pieces | full- 24 pieces

half tray 5-10 people | full tray 10-15 people | 12 wraps w/ 8oz toom 130

beef 85/160

yogurt chicken 75/135

7 spice chicken 75/135

mujadra (v) 35/60

lebanese salad 45/80

roasted veggies (v) 30/50

hummus (v) 40/75

kibee 70/130

rice (veg) 35/60

tabouli (v) 45/80


laban (veg) 7/12/20

toom (v) 7/12/20

lift (v) 6/10/16

cucumber, garlic, mint laban (veg) 7/12/20

extra bread (6 pieces) (v) 5

pita chips (v) 20/35

veggies (v) plate 25

breakfast menu

nuts and dried fruits, olives, assorted cookies, desserts, imported sweets

selection and pricing upon request

Boxed Lunches

Wrap or Salad


beef $16
toom, mint gremolata, lettuce, tomato, onion

yogurt chicken $15
toom, mint gremolata, 
lettuce, tomato, onion

seven spice chicken $15
hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion

veggie (v) 15
lentils, rice, lebanese salad, crispy onion


lebanese salad (v) $15
romaine, grape tomatoes, persian, cucumbers, mint, parsley, olive oil, lemon

tabouli (v)
parsley, wheat, grape tomatoes, mint, lemon


hummus (v)

toom (v)


pita chips (v)

veggies (v)

our glossary


yogurt chicken
mint, lemon, garlic

seven spice chicken *not spicy!
coriander, cloves, all spice, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, white pepper, tomato

beef, onions, cracked wheat, pine nuts

sumac, lemon, mint

lentils, rice, crispy onions


house made yogurt

cucumber laban
cucumber, mint, garlic

pickled turnips, beets

garlic paste

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